Social Media for Real Estate Agents

1 Month Out

It’s been about a month since our official launch of RE2social – social media for agents and everything is going well. We’ve picked up a bunch of great clients and have been in the process of getting them up and running with social media.

We’ve even managed to get some props in the blogosphere with a post dedicated to us by BigEncore.

And, there’s a number of really cool new features and partnerships in the pipe right now. So stay tuned!


Here’s a quick shout out to all the people that I met at REbarcamp TO and Realtor Quest over the last few days. We’ve had some amazing conversations about social media, online marketing and real estate. REbarcamp was an awesome session to see what some of the innovators are doing in the industry and Realtor Quest was simply amazing. If you’re interested in continuing any of those discussions please reach out to me on twitter @jpzeni or via email – jp ‘at’

The response we’ve received about RE2social and our social media for agents solution has been above and beyond anything I could have expected. I think people really responded to the notion that social media could be simplified and made more professional using the right tools. I’m really looking forward to growing with our new client base and driving value through our service.

Also, I wanted to post a copy of the promo video we were showing at the Realtor Quest:

I’ve received some pics from Ralph Evans as well and I hope to post some of those shortly.

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